The Role of Bulk SMS in Event Management

By Godwin Noah

We live in a world where nothing is constant but change. Events are hosted everyday and likewise, everyday, event managers face newer challenges - the challenge of optimally utilizing of the resources that have been invested into hosting such events - seminars, conferences, ceremonies, conclaves, fellowships, exhibition, etc.

But of course, people will never become computers - we are naturally forgetful. And that's why people have had to invent diaries, notebooks, calendars, alarm systems, timers, telephones, etc.

I have witnessed occasions where friends quarrel themselves over issues like "you forgot my birthday - that shows you don't even care!", "How could you have forgotten that yesterday was my wedding?" And event managers have had complaints like " I rented this hall for five hundred thousand naira."

I've spent 2.5 million naira or so on TV commercials, a hundred and fifty thousand naira printing and mailing invitation cards and I spent one to two minutes everyday on phone reminding applicants on event dates and perhaps, I have painstakingly typed and sent SMS to over five thousand people from my phone".

Fortunately, bulk sms has changed the scene. With the growing increase in the number of mobile phones in circulation, numbers of mobile subscriber lines and growth of internet technology, it's relative low cost and cost-effectiveness and the increasing number of internet and telephone users globally especially in countries like Nigeria.

The short-coming of mobile devices have been discovered to be the strength of PC based messaging. In a world where speed, efficiency and result is everything, people and businesses have come to embrace sending messages from PC to mobile phones for inviting a large number of people for events (first time) and posting reminders.

BBN Bulk SMS empowers event managers to communicate directly and inexpensively. The invitation, registration / Application, Reminders and following could have all been done through one trusted low-cost media.

In a nutshell, while bulk sms empowers event managers to communicate directly and inexpensively, BBN SMS Gateway provides an innovative Error-Reduction, Time Saving, Efficient Reporting and Instant Delivery Bulk SMS System.