Caring For Your Cell Phone

By Sherry Khan

If you know how to care for your mobile phone, you can expect to use it for a long, long time until you decide to sell it for a discount so that you can a buy another new and advanced model. Actually, there are only three major causes for cell phone damage. I am particularly aware of this since I myself was able to experience damaging my new mobile phone with one of the causes. Two of my friends damaged their cell phone also by another cause while my sister suffered her loss of her very new cell phone by one of the three causes.

Let me tell you first my own experience how I lost my mobile phone. I lost it through heat exposure. This happened last summer when we went to the beach to attend a birthday party for one of my friends in their family rest house. I parked my car in a shady area near the rest house. It was around ten in the morning when I parked it there under a shade of a tree. When I got out of the car, I was met by the birthday celebrant who caused me to forget about my cell phone which was lying on the dashboard. When I got back to my car in the afternoon, I realized that the shade of the tree was not already shading my car from the scorching sun because of the position of the tree. I was aghast to see my mobile phone lying on the dashboard and feeling very hot from exposure to the sun. After a while when it cooled down, I tried calling my girlfriend but the phone was already out of order. It was destroyed by heat exposure.

Two of my friends lost their mobile phone by way of water seepage. The first case was that of my friend who was about to brush his teeth when his boss called up. After their conversation, he inadvertently placed his cell phone near the sink and started brushing his teeth. Forgetting that he placed his mobile phone near the sink, he inadvertently swiped it with his hand when he was about to finish his tooth brushing and it feel to the sink with water still in it. Realizing that he swiped his phone into the sink, he then retrieved it and did some wiping to dry it. He then tried using it to call his boss but the phone was already dead. It was destroyed by water seepage.

In the second case, my other friend forgot his cell phone on the table of their open veranda of their house. The following day when he saw it, his mobile phone was covered with morning dew, since it was subjected to open element for the whole night. When he tried to use it, it lighted once and blinked out, never to function again.

The last case was the mobile phone of my sister. It was a new phone that I gave to my sister for her birthday. She was so happy with it considering that it will be the first time she can have her own cell phone. One week to the day I bought it for her, her phone was subjected to shock when the phone slipped out of her hand on the second floor of our house and feel on the tiled floor of the first floor. When I arrived home, my sister was already in tears as her brand new mobile phone was not functioning already. The phone succumbed to shock.

So, there you have it. If you can prevent these three things to happen to your cell phones, you can be sure of a longer use from it. Again, these three things are first; do not expose your phone to extreme heat for a long period. Second, prevent your cell phone from getting wet or be subjected to moisture. And third, care should be made not to expose your phone to shock like what my sister did by accidentally dropping her phone on the tiled floor.